Weinstein Rape Accuser Suffers Panic Attack On The Stand

Harvey Weinstein's rape trial will resumes today after one of his accusers suffered a panic attack. Attorneys for the former movie producer were questioning Jessica Mann today when the incident happened. As we told you before, she testified Friday that she initially thought Weinstein’s nether regions were “deformed.”

Fast forward to yesterday, and he was reading a letter to a former boyfriend when she began crying. In the missive, Mann described a "controlling" relationship with Weinstein, calling him a “father figure” to her. "I lived in fear of rejection. ... I found myself angry," Mann wrote. "I finally broke out of a cycle of a relationship that was controlling."

Her breakdown led to a short break, but Mann was reportedly having a hard time breathing and the trial was stopped for the day. Mann is expected to continue testifying when the trial gets underway again.

Source: USA Today

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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