Fotis Dulos Family Says He’s Not A Killer

The family of Fotis Dulos has issued a statement defending him, after he committed suicide amid charges that he murdered his estranged wife Jennifer.

“Fotis was no killer. Now he is dead. The case involving Jennifer’s disappearance has not ended. In some respects it now begins anew,” the family said in a statement.

Dulos was found unresponsive in his garage last week with the car running and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. He had been arrested weeks earlier for the murder of Jennifer Dulos.

The family said the world was too quick to call him a monster.

“We feel devastated that a man, only 52 years of age, found himself in a dead-end where he saw taking his own life as the only way to be granted peace,” the statement said.

Jennifer Dulos disappeared in May and hasn’t been seen since.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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