Man Catches A Fish That Nobody Can Identify

If you are someone who doesn't like to go into the ocean, then this story will just reinforce that habit or give you pause to ever enter the water again.

It seems that a bunch of people had been fishing near Coney Island in New York City when they caught a fish that may just be a one-of-a-kind find. The video shows the fish on a dock and it's clear from the audio that these people have no idea what it is. So someone there posted it to social media. The response was overwhelming.

The post was viewed more than 15 million times and received thousands of comments from users, many of whom were just as stunned as the people who got it. However, some people thought it might be a type of stingray while others say it's a clear nose skate, a type of cartilaginous fish.

See it HERE!

Source: Fox News

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