Weinstein Trial Continues With Two More Accusers

The Harvey Weinstein continues with two more accusers taking the stand.

Dawn Dunning testified that he assaulted her in 2004 and later, asked her to engage in a “threesome” in exchange for a part in a film. She says he also invoked the named of actresses Salma Hayek and Charlize Theron to pressure her into having a group sex encounter with him.

Tarale Wulff testified that she thought she was having a professional meeting in 2005 when she went to Weinstein's New York apartment. What she says she got? Grabbed her by the arms, and forced her onto a bed. As she struggled, she says he told her, “Don't worry I had a vasectomy.”

Weinstein's not criminally charged with assaulting these women, but prosecutors want to show the jury that Weinstein is a sexual predator. Weinstein is facing charges for allegedly sexually abusing two women. He argues all sexual encounters were consensual.

Source: CNN

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