Weinstein Accuser's Roommate Takes Stand In Harvey Weinstein Trial

Jurors are continuing to hear testimony in the Harvey Weinstein trial, and the day after Mimi Haleyi one of his chief accusers, detailed her alleged rape – her former roommate backed her up. As we told you yesterday, Haleyi took the stand to tell the court Weinstein forced himself upon her inside his Manhattan apartment in 2006.

Yesterday, Elizabeth Entin corroborated her account. Specifically, Entin testified that Haleyi reported her account of the encounter almost immediately. She also suggested that Haleyi report it. "She still just seemed very distraught and was shaking,” Entin testified. “And didn’t really want to pursue it or talk about it. She wasn’t very present.”

And when Weinstein’s lead attorney referred to the “alleged rape?” Entin reported pushed back hard – saying it was rape and that it did happen. A separate accuser will soon testify as to her alleged assault, at a hotel room. Weinstein has argued all his sexual encounters were consensual. He faces life in prison if convicted.

Source: USA Today

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