NYC Cab Drivers Offer Relationship Advice

Some people gain valuable life knowledge just by going to work everyday, like New York City cab drivers. They listen to people talk all day and learn a lot about how people operate just from hearing passengers in their back seats. A writer started asking every cab driver about their best piece of relationship advice and these are the wise words they had to share.

  • Find an equal in your relationship- “It’s always best to be with someone who is as like-minded and ambitious as you are,” according to Daniel, 27.
  • Always think of what’s best for the other person- “If you’re always thinking, ‘how can I make the other person happy?’ the other person wants to do the same for you,” explains Michael, 60. “When I’m making plans, I think about what my wife would like to do. I always try not to think about myself, but about her, and she does the same for me.”
  • Never lie or hide the truth- “Always tell the truth. All the time,” says Sharif, 32. “Even if the person looks bad in what they’re wearing, you have to tell them.”
  • Understand that dating is a process- “The goal of relationships is for them to end in marriage,” says Carl, 44. “But 99% of the relationships you have won’t end in marriage, and that’s not a bad thing, even if you don’t know it yet.”
  • Never date your clients- “I never date the people that I drive in my cabs,” notes Mamadou, 32. “Don’t mix business with pleasure.”
  • It’s not about the money- “My wife and I have been married for 46 years,” explains Sal, 66. “We still don’t have a lot of money, but we always find a way to have fun together. One of our first dates was at Coney Island, we only had enough money for one hot dog, so we split it. But you know what? It was the best hot dog I ever ate.”

Source:Your Tango