Woman Hit By NYC Taxi Makes Prosthetic Leg Out Of Louis Vuitton Bag

A very unfortunate accident has turned into a gift of high-end fashion for one aspiring fashion model and designer.

Sian Green-Lord was involved in a tragic car accident in which she lost part of her leg after visiting New York City from London and was hit by a taxi.

The 29-year-old fashion lover and aspiring model from Leicester, England had a prosthetic leg created from a vintage Louis Vuitton purse. Turns out that Dr. Mehmet Oz, who was a witness at the scene of the accident, paid for a high-end prosthesis for Green-Lord so she would be able to walk.

Now, nearly seven years later, she has given her prosthetic leg a designer makeover. She designed the new designer prothetic with a handbag she purchased online. Since showing off her new leg on Instagram, fellow amputees and fans have been showering Green-Lord with praise for turning her dream leg into reality.

Source: NY Post

Photo Credit: Getty Imag

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