Shelter Dog With Weird Eyes Finally Finds A Home After Story Goes Viral

A Siberian husky that was surrendered to a New Jersey shelter because of her "weird" eyes, has been adopted after photos posted on Facebook went viral. Jubilee was dumped off by her breeder after they didn't think they could sell her because of her eyes.

The nonprofit Husky House shelter cared for Jubilee for two years and decided to post a desperate pitch for potential adopters on Facebook. It worked as Jubilee had more than 40,000 shares of her Facebook post and found a loving family to go home with. Jubilee has a congenital birth defect of her eyelids that does not affect her vision or health, the shelter said. No one had ever before submitting an application to adopt her prior to the post going viral. Jubilee’s new parents decided to start a Facebook page for her to keep the fans of the now-famous pup in the loop.

The page refers to the pup as “a uniquely beautiful furbaby.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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