A Rescued Pitbull Is The First To Ever Become A K9 Arson Detective

Many dog breeds get a bad rap, not because they are terrible dogs but rather have terrible owners. You don't have to look any further than Hansel to prove that point.

Hansel is from New Jersey and he was rescued from a dogfighting ring when he was just seven weeks old. He eventually made his way to the Throw-Away Dogs Project – a group that takes rescued dogs and turns them into working dogs. They noticed he was a special dog.

Hansel spent the past 15 weeks at the New Jersey Police K9 Association’s academy training and in just about a week, he will start working with the Millville Fire Department. He will perform critical tasks in the aftermath of fires. He's the very first pitbull to ever become a K9 arson detective.

Source: CBS3

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