Woman Arrested For Allegedly Trashing DMV Computers

Shawna Joseph was arrested after she allegedly went on a rampage in a Bayonne, New Jersey, DMV office and trashed $23,000 worth of computer equipment.

According to a story published in the New York Post, Joseph was first thrown out of the office after she started making a fuss over the number of people waiting to be served.

About two hours later she returned to the DMV and started trashing computers and other office machines. When security and the DMV office manager tried to remove Joseph from the premises, she began punching them.

Police attempted to cuff Joseph and she allegedly kicked one of the officers and had to be physically restrained. Once in cuffs, Joseph was found in possession of a PCP-laced marijuana cigarette.

She's being charged with criminal mischief, drug possession and assault.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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