Politician Crashes SUV While Drunk And Blames Wife

There are just so many reasons why this guy's wife is going to be mad at him. We can start with the fact that he's a 67-year-old politician named Brian Kolb and he's a Republican assemblyman in New York. He was first elected back in 2000.

It seems that back on New Year's Eve, he was driving drunk and crashed his SUV into an embankment near his house in Victor, New York. Then when Triple-A came, his first instinct was to, of course, blame it on his wife. He told the Triple-A worker, "My wife was driving! You know how women drive." That didn't sit well with the worker who then called 911 because the SUV had hit a utility wire.

So when the cops came, they smelled alcohol on Brian's breath. It turned out his wife wasn't even with him in the car when he crashed. His blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit, and he was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

There's no word on how his wife feels about him trying to pin it on her or his take on women drivers.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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