The Most Common Winter Injuries & What Causes Them

Splashing snow

There are a lot of reasons to dislike winter and the holidays, and for some it’s simply just a pain….literally. 

A new survey finds

  • 50% of Americans experience some sort of pain during the holidays.
  • 71% of those people say pain makes it harder for them to enjoy the holidays.
  • 37% try to hide their pain over the holiday season.
  • Some of the most common winter injuries include:
    • Back pain or injury (25%)
    • Neck pain or tension (21%)
    • Knee joint pain (18%)
    • Bruises (17%)

So, how is everyone getting hurt during the cold winter months? Well, the top activities that cause winter injuries include:

  • Shoveling snow (32%)
  • Long rides in cars, planes or trains (30%)
  • Cooking holiday meals (25%)
  • Decorating the house (22%)

As for the most common causes of winter injuries, they include:

  • Slipping while walking outside (25%)
  • Burns and cuts while cooking holiday meals (23%)
  • Decorating the house (17%)
  • Shoveling snow (16%)


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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