Robot Helps Student Home Battling Cancer To Connect With Classmates

A teen from Long Island, New York hasn’t been able to attend school because he’s undergoing cancer treatments, but a high-tech solution has him back at St. Mary’s High School in a whole new way. William Reccoppa, 17, was diagnosed with leukemia in May and spent five months in the hospital getting treatment and was really missing interacting with his classmates.

But now he’s able to see and engage with them thanks to a $6,000 robot that was donated by the Don Monti Foundation. William operates the school robot remotely from his family’s home and it acts as his eyes, ears, voice, and hands.

“It’s amazing because before this I knew my classmates and faculty were always supportive and loving, but I never really expected this much and am so grateful,” William says.

Source: CBS New York

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