Couple Donates Kidneys To Strangers

After Cheryl Cohen’s brother received a heart transplant that helped keep him alive for eight more years, she was inspired to find out more about being an altruistic kidney donor. She learned all she could and got tested so she could provide a life-saving organ to a total stranger. And the best part? Her husband, Frank Kimchick, decided to join her in becoming a donor.

The married couple from New Jersey both donated a kidney earlier this year and they’re hoping their story will inspire others to do the same. They say the recovery process was easy and they were back in the routine of their normal lives within days of the surgery.

“It’s such a tiny amount of time to be able to provide that benefit to somebody else,” Cheryl says, “something that’s going to make their life, the rest of their life, that much easier and longer.”

Source: People

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