Jets Owner Commits To Adam Gase As Head Coach In 2020

The New York Jets have been a massive disappointment in their first season under Adam Gase, but the head coach is going to get another chance to prove himself in 2020.

Makes sense to give him two years—you know—one for each win the team has this season.

Jets owner Christopher Johnson said yesterday that Gase is not going to be fired during or after the season no matter what unfolds over the final seven weeks or, in the Jets case, unravels. The owner cited Gase’s relationship with quarterback Sam Darnold as one of the main reasons he plans to keep the coach around, saying it is not conducive to change systems year after year.

Wow—you think a guy that knows the meaning of the nine-letter word “conducive” would know the meaning of the four-letter word “bust.”

I guess he isn’t hearing the four-letter words they are using to describe Gase.

Source: Larry Brown Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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