Man Claims He Found Half-Smoked Joint Inside Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

People have been waiting in lines around the country for a chance to bite into the new Popeye's chicken sandwich. A New York man finally got his chance and found that his sandwich came with an extra condiment.

Jeremy Merdinger wanted to see what all the fuss was about when it came to this Popeye's Chicken Sandwich and after he waited in line he bought a spicy and a regular chicken sandwich and brought them back to his apartment to eat. He claims that he made it halfway through the sandwich when he felt something fall out and hit him in the leg. It was a half-smoked joint.

He couldn't believe it and was totally disgusted. He called the restaurant and never heard anything back from them, so he took it to social media and enlisted the help of a well-known sports business personality to get a response.

They were reportedly told that Popeyes had investigated the situation but had no official response or apology. They claim that the joint must have come from outside the restaurant.

Source: Gothamist

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