Mayor De Blasio Defends Cops in Churro Dispute

Mayor Bill de Blasio is defending the NYPD after officers removed a woman selling churros from a subway station in Brooklyn.

Video of the incident went viral, showing the woman named Elsa crying as a group of cops took away her churros at the Broadway Junction subway station.

“The facts are she was there multiple times and was told multiple times that’s not a place you can be, and it’s against the law and it’s creating congestion,” Mayor de Blasio said.

The NYPD said the woman has received 10 summonses in the last six months. The department said she wasn’t arrested, but was briefly placed in handcuffs because she wasn’t listening to the orders of officers.

A rally was held yesterday in support of Elsa. Protesters demanded that Governor Cuomo reverse plans to hire more MTA police officers to patrol the subway.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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