Breast Facials Are Now A Thing

There is now a way for you to get your breasts the same kind of treatment you give your face.

Sia’s Beauty in New York City just introduced a “breast facial” for $180 back in September and it apparently treats the chest area and promises to increase perkiness and create more supple skin. This boutique spa is so revered by the beauty world that its rumored client list includes some very high-powered executives and top models. Apparently, in China, they do this all the time.

Karen Hong, the owner of Sia’s Beauty, says, “It’s very good for circulation and helping the lymphatic system to drain toxins.” Hong says her breast facial is a hit with her clients. Apparently it’s not just a New York phenomenon either: LA-based facialist Candace Marino reports that boob-centric treatments are big on the West Coast, too.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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