New Jersey Widow Asks Crook To Return Husband's Ashes

A New Jersey widow whose house was robbed between October 24th and 30th would like the crook to return just one thing: the wooden box that holds the cremated remains of her husband.

Jamie Stratton, the niece of the victim Liz Liposky, spoke to "My aunt is distraught, she doesn't even want to be home. Right now, she says she feels like they tore another piece of her heart away."

Liz and Michael Liposky were married for 49-years before he passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2011. The couple was "inseparable" and planned on having their ashes combined when Liz passed away.

The break-in was discovered when the victim returned home on Halloween to hand out candy to neighborhood children.

South Amboy police ask anyone with information on the crime to contact them.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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