NYC Traffic Lights Being Changed To Keep Bikers Safe

New York City is expanding the “Green Wave” bike safety program, changing the timing of traffic lights to benefit cyclists.

Lights in specific parts of the city will be synchronized so that bikers traveling at 15 mph won’t have to stop often for red lights.Currently, most traffic lights are synchronized to account for drivers going 25 mph.

“The vision here can be there are parts of the city where there are really key cycling connectors and if you’re a motorist and you get on that street we’re going to be favoring cycling movement,” Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said.

A pilot program on Hoyt and Bond Streets in Brooklyn has already proven successful. Officials said cyclists have been able to ride comfortably without stopping, creating a quicker, safer and less stressful route.

New “Green Wave” corridors will include Clinton Street in Brooklyn, 43rd Avenue in Queens and Prince Street in Manhattan.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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