Jets Fuming Sam Darnold's “Seeing Ghosts” Comment Made Air

In case you haven’t heard yet, New York Jets QB Sam Darnold was caught on microphone saying “I’m seeing ghosts” during that 33-0 blowout Monday Night loss to Patriots in which he threw four horrific interceptions.

I’d say in case you haven’t seen it, but I doubt you have if you weren’t watching the game—because the tweet showing the clip of Darnold—who was “mic’d up” for the game—has since been deleted.

And while Patriots defensive end Kyle Van Noy enjoyed the comment, saying “that's crazy for him to say that,” while acknowledging “it's just a testament to how well we're playing”—the entire Jets organization is livid the comment was showed.

"It bothers me, it bothers the organization," coach Adam Gase said 12 hours later. Gase acknowledged it's "part of the deal," coaches and players being mic’d for prime-time games, but he added: "Obviously, you never anticipate something like that happening. The fact that it did, it gives us pause to really cooperate anymore because I don't know how we can allow our franchise quarterback to be put out there like that."

No Adam—you didn’t anticipate it happening or you would have never been foolish and shortsighted enough to allow your second year QB to be mic’d up against the best defense in the NFL on a nationally televised game.

Not surprisingly, Darnold played his worst game as a pro, committing five turnovers—including the fateful third one in just the second quarter when he went to the sideline for a clip that instantly went viral.

And while the Jets can blame NFL Films all they want as they are the ones that decide which audio clips from players are used on the air—it’s not their job to coddle players that are out their saying things as stupid as they are playing.

The Jets have no one to blame but themselves—and there is plenty of that blame to go around.

Source: ESPN

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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