“Trash Train” Picture Contest Could Win You $500

New York’s Transit Workers Union is offering subway riders a chance to win $500 by submitting pictures of their “trash train.”

The idea is to highlight dirty train cars caused by a lack of cleaners.

“Trash-filled subway cars are coming back because the MTA has cut Cleaner jobs. If you encounter a filthy subway car, it’s because the MTA doesn’t have the staff to clean it — because they decided to spend their budget $$ on something else — like million dollar consultants,” the TWU said on its website.

Pictures already uploaded depict vomit, feces and bags of garbage.

“The MTA shouldn’t skimp on hiring the staff they need to deliver clean cars to our 6.5 million daily riders,” the TWU said.

The MTA issued a statement saying that its subway cars and stations are routinely cleaned.

To enter the contest, upload a photo at trashtrain.net or share the photo on Instagram with the hashtag #trashtrain.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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