2020 College & University Rankings

Choosing where to apply to college is a tough decision, and many high school seniors are probably grappling with that very question about now. There are tons of reports with opinions on the best colleges out there, and now WalletHub has chimed in with their picks. 

The site has just come out with their 2020 College & University Rankings, revealing the top performing schools with the lowest costs to undergrads. They looked at almost 1,000 institutions, judging them on 33 key factors in categories such as Cost & Financing, Career Outcomes, Student Selectivity and more.

  • Topping the list of the best overall institution is Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which scores a 78.38 out of 100, landing at number one for Career Outcomes, and in the Top Ten for Faculty Resources and Student Selectivity.
  • MIT also tops WalletHubs list judging just universities.
  • Swarthmore College, in Pennsylvania, tops the list of the Best Colleges (colleges don’t typically offer advance degrees, and tend to be smaller than universities). 

Top Ten Best Colleges & Universities For 2020

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Massachusetts
  2. Harvard University – Massachusetts
  3. Princeton University – New Jersey
  4. Yale University – Connecticut
  5. Stanford University – California
  6. California Institute of Technology – California
  7. Duke University – North Carolina
  8. University of Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania
  9. Northwestern University – Illinois
  10. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – North Carolina

Top Ten Best Colleges For 2020

  1. Swarthmore College – Pennsylvania
  2. Amherst College – Massachusetts
  3. Harvey Mudd College – California
  4. Pomona College – California
  5. Hamilton College, New York
  6. Wellesley College – Massachusetts
  7. Colby College – Maine
  8. Carleton College – Minnesota
  9. Barnard College – New York
  10. Grinnell College – Iowa


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