One-Handed Student Athlete Up For Prestigious Award

Keansburg, High School senior Christian Rasmussen has been nominated for the "Heart Of A Giant" award by the New York Giants and the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Rasmussen, who plays safety on Keansburg's football team, is up for the award because of his ability to play the game with only one hand.

According to a post on, Rasmussen had his right hand amputated at the age of 6 months after doctors found a cancerous tumor and the side effects from the chemotherapy treatments put his life in danger.

"To win the Heart of a Giant award would mean so much to me. It means to have the willpower, to have determination, to have the fight to succeed in all you do in life and I believe I embody that," the senior said.

If Rasmussen wins the award, Keansburg High School will receive $10,000. The Heart of a Giant award will be announced in November.

Photo Credit: Getty Images