3 Muslim Families File Complaints Against NY Ferry Operators

The Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a complaint against the NYC ferry after 3 Muslim families were denied the right to board because of a "security issue."

The families said they were allowed to get on the ferry in Bay Ridge for the ride to Wall Street, but when they tried to make the return trip they were pulled to the side by two NY ferry employees.

Ahmed Mohamed, the litigation director for the CAIR-NY told nbcnewyork.com, "These families were humiliated and traumatized in public view and treated as suspects because they happened to be Muslim. That is unacceptable. We hope the city will live up to its commitment to nondiscrimination and swiftly correct this injustice."

Two of the women with the detained families said security officers from the NY Ferry told them there was no security issue but they were not allowed on board because the children were allegedly standing on the seats on the ride over.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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