Utility Worker Finds Dead Body In Manhole

An unidentified man's body was found at the bottom of a manhole near Columbus Circle this morning by a utility worker.

The utility worker, who preferred to remain anonymous told the New York Post , when he opened the manhole cover at West 58th Street and 8th Avenue, he got the scare of his life and was greeted with a smell that was "just unbelievable."

"Doing this kind of job you'd expect to find some strange things in manholes or sewers- but this is a first. I was shocked," he added.

According to police records, the man was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS workers and was removed from the hole at 8:00 am.

A source at the scene said the body appeared to be that of a homeless person who had been down in the hole for a long time.

The medical examiner will release the cause of death after an autopsy.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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