Ways To Make Your Long Flight Less Miserable

There are certainly some amazing destinations outside of the U.S. to visit, but plenty of them require long plane rides, which could be a big deterrent to a lot of people. But not all long-haul flights need to be miserable. 

So, how do you make a 12-hour flight, or even any flight, bearable? Well, some travel experts are offering advice, so don’t pass up on that great trip just because of the plane ride.

Ways to make long flights bearable include:

  • Carry on one bag– Pack everything you need on the plane in one bag that can fit in the overhead compartment so you have more room to stretch out your legs.
  • Block out the noise– Flights can certainly be noisy so be sure to bring earplugs or noise-canceling headphones with you.
  • Take time to stretch– Experts suggest stretching before you get on a flight, and also walk around when you can to eliminate circulation problems.
  • Layer up– Wear layers because you never know how hot or cold a flight may be. Plus, extra layers can be used as a cushion for your neck.
  • Wear your glasses– Forget the contact lenses, because during a long flight the dry air can dry up your contacts.
  • Choose seat wisely– Do your best to maximize your seat option. If you can’t get an exit row, make sure to not sit near the kitchen or bathroom where people congregate, and do your best to get a seat that fully reclines.
  • Hydrate– Drink plenty of water not only when you’re on the plane, but also in the days leading up to the flight.
  • Bring Snacks– It’s a long trip and you can’t count on the plane keeping you satisfied. Bring your own snacks, and maybe some healthy options too.

Source:Huffington Post

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