Man Got Fired But Kept Showing Up For Work And Collected Paycheck

This just goes to show you how unorganized some employers can be.

A former New York Mass Transit worker was, unfortunately, fired from his job a few years back. He was a subway cleaner. However, it seems that nobody in the company passed along that information to the payroll department. So Ronald Berry just kept showing up on payday to collect his paychecks.

This didn't just happen over a month or two either. He kept coming back every payday for the last four years. He ended up collecting over $250,000 in checks. But, all good things must come to an end and when he went to collect his check last week, the police arrested him.

Ronald says he didn't think he was doing anything wrong. He claims he went on sick leave for high blood pressure and asthma and he thought the paychecks were legit.

His pay stubs listed his hours, which he knew he didn't work but he's claiming no one ever told him he was fired and it's the companies fault and not his.

Source: New York Post

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