Long Island Politicians Push For National Flavored E-Cigarette Ban

Republican Congressman Peter King and other Long Island officials have teamed up to push for federal legislation that would ban the selling of flavored e-cigarettes across the nation.

"The reason I think we have to have federal legislation is that states can have tough legislation, good legislation, but then we can run into the issue of smuggling if it's not at the national level," he said. "We can have national standards, national prohibition even on it that will make it much harder for these to be circulated among young people."

Congressman King also wants to initiate a national campaign to alert kids on the dangers of vaping and create an e-cigarette tax that is equivalent to $3 per pack.

According to a story posted to CBS.com, the New York State Department of Health said, nearly 40% of high school seniors and 27% of all students vape.

To date, there have been 23-vape related deaths in the United States and over 1,100 people have been hospitalized with vape related illnesses.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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