“Miracle Baby” Born With Life-Threatening Skull Condition

A baby born in New Jersey this past March was missing a big chunk of his skull and doctors warned his parents that he might not live more than a day. Maria and Augusto Santa Maria found out about their baby’s condition when she was just 10 weeks pregnant. Because the baby was not likely to survive, doctors recommended terminating the pregnancy, but the Santa Marias refused.

Defying all probability, baby Lucas did survive that first day and his health improved. In fact, he made so much progress that the hospital staff said he could go home, but his parents felt they couldn’t handle caring for him in such a fragile state, so he stayed in the hospital and underwent a groundbreaking surgery. And only a week after the surgery, the miracle baby was allowed to go home with his family.

Today, baby Lucas is seven months old, is home with his family, and seems to be doing well. “Every moment that we have with Lucas is a blessing,” says Lucas’s father, “...the fact that he’s able to do what he’s doing now is awesome.”

Source: New York Post

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