Dermatologists: You Should Shower At Night… Maybe

The debate over showering at night versus showering in the morning just tipped towards night.

Australian dermatologists are explaining when the best time to shower is and how long it should take. Doctors Leona Yip and Natasha Cook agree that a shower is optimal for preventing acne, dermatitis, dryness and is great for long term skin health.

Yip says a night shower is perfect for cleaning off the grime of the day and it should be in warm water and last only four minutes (not including washing your hair).

Cook says night or morning is fine, though a good nighttime shower does clear the dirt of the day off you. She also suggests starting with freezing cold water then switching to warm.

Both agree hot water only damages your skin. If you’re a two shower a day person, one should be with oils, not soap. Those foaming products you love? They strip the skin, so try and avoid them.

Source: Daily Mail

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