Moms Are Leaving Supportive Post-Its In Breastfeeding Pod

Sometimes a little encouragement makes a huge difference and no one knows that better than moms. That’s why one mother from Astoria, New York who travels for work started leaving inspirational messages on Post-It notes in a Mamava lactation pod at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport for other moms to read.

Grace Stevens says she got the ball rolling when she returned to work at LaGuardia Airport in August by leaving words of support on Post-Its on the walls of the pods for breastfeeding and pumping moms. She also left pens and pads behind for other moms to do the same and it’s really taken off. Notes reading: “You’re doing a great job! You can hold your baby soon!” now cover the walls.

As a working mom who travels some for her job, Stevens understands the demands mothers like her face and her goal is to inspire and support other working/traveling moms with the messages.

“It can feel lonely at times trying to navigate a complicated process, like managing nursing and traveling,” she explains. “And if we know that others have been in a similar situation before and can share words of encouragement, it makes it a little easier."

Source: Parents

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