What Makes A Good Neighbor?

They say great fences make great neighbors, but there are a lot of people who have good relationships with the people that live around them. So, what makes someone a great neighbor?

Well, according to a new poll, 79% of Americans 25 and older say the top quality of a good neighbor is being “friendly to other neighbors.” Other qualities of a good neighbor include:

Maintains a clean yard (73%)

Maintains a nice house (62%)

Is quiet (56%)

Friendly to pets (56%)

Does things for other neighbors (54%)

Interestingly older folks have different ideas on what makes a good neighbor, with 66% of those 65 and older saying a good neighbor is someone who does things for other neighbors, followed by someone who keeps to themselves (30%), and someone who hosts and is involved in community events (14%).

So, how well do people know their neighbors these days? Well, 93% of those 25 and older say they know some or all of their neighbors names, although 29% say they interact with their neighbors less than once a month. As for whether folks want to know their neighbors, 58% say having a relationship or friendship with a neighbor is important, while 42% don't feel it's all that important.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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