MTA Sinks Deeper Into Red Ink

The Citizens Budget Commission has crunched the numbers on the MTA's decision to retain 500 police officers and the move will put the transportation agency much deeper into the red ink.

Transit officials decided to keep the cops on staff to assist in governor Cuomo's plan to cut down on fare beaters and assaults on riders.

Andrew Rein, President of the Citizens Budget Commission, told the New York Post, "Adding to the deficit should only be done with extreme care and considering the trade-offs. Ultimately somebody has to pay the bill — or we need to find ways to cut costs within the MTA."

With the cost of the new officers reaching over $100 million per year, MTA board member Bob Linn asked, "Where have we talked about how that's going to be budgeted? What I keep seeing is solutions announced first, and then see whether the data supports it."

With the addition of the new officers, the MTA's operating budget will be over $740 million in the hole in four years.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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