NYC Health Department Says Free Condom Usage Is Down

The New York City Health Department released their condom give away numbers for 2018, and that number is down over a million from last year.

In 2018 NYC gave away 19 million condoms. In 2017, the city gave away nearly 21 million condoms, and in 2015, free condom numbers stretched to 36.6 million.

City officials blame the Trump administration for the drooping condom figures saying, "This decrease was due to a delayed condom order and lower federal funding amounts for traditional safer sex products."

According to an article published in the New York Post, the Center For Disease Control slashed NYC's condom budget by 26% in 2018, which in turn caused a delay in condom orders and shipments.

Health Department spokesperson Patrick Gallahue said the city gives away an average of 2.1 million condoms a month.

"The city's overall sexual health promotion strategy is not limited to how many condoms it distributes, but instead takes a holistic approach, taking into account all HIV and STI prevention options."

Photo Credit:Getty Images

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