Walmart Shoplifter's Getaway Ruined By Someone In A Motorized Cart

A New Jersey shoplifter picked the wrong day to try and make a getaway in a Walmart parking lot.

The accused shoplifter was trying to flee the Bayonne, New Jersey Walmart Sunday afternoon in her car when it struck a shopper riding in a motorized cart and crashed into a police cruiser. Siedah S. Smith had filled a shopping cart with $235 in merchandise but left it at a self-checkout lane inside the store while she went outside and grabbed a discarded receipt from the garbage.

She then returned inside the store and walked out with the stolen goods without paying, ignoring a loss prevention agent’s commands to stop. A responding police officer saw Smith drive her car and strike the person in the motorized shopping cart while trying to flee the scene. When he approached, Smith got back in her car and again struck the shopper in the motorized cart, this time dragging the victim and the cart 10 feet before smashing head-on into the police cruiser.

She was arrested and the victim was transported to a local hospital.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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