Purse Thief Caught After Dropping His Wallet At Scene

Some people are just not cut out for a life of crime. A New York man robbed two people at gunpoint this week and fortunately, it didn't take police that long to figure out who he was and where they could find him.

The man managed to leave behind his wallet and Social Security card as he fled one of the crime scenes, according to police. Francisco Alberto Hernandez robbed and pistol-whipped a woman in front of her young child and then held up a second person.

When officers got to the scene they were pulled to the side by a neighboring child who saw the fleeing robber drop his wallet on the ground. The wallet contained Hernandez’s identification along with his Social Security card.

They found him a short time later and Hernandez was charged with two felony counts of robbery and one misdemeanor count of making terroristic threats.