Pace University Student Caught With Pot Released From Russian Prison

Audrey Lorber was released from a Russian prison after she was jailed in July for bringing medical marijuana into the country, even though she had court documents that proved she needed the drug for her well-being.

The 19-year-old Staten Island resident was visiting Russia with her mother when she was caught with the drug by Russian agents who work at the Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg.

Lorber, a Pace University film student, was touring Eastern Europe with her mother when she was arrested and charged with "attempting to import marijuana purchased in the United States into Russia."

Russian officials released a statement about the teenager's imprisonment that read, "Given the length of the detention, Lorber was released from serving her sentence, as well as from custody."

According to an article published in the New York Post, Russia imprisons more people per capita for drug crimes than any other European nation. A quarter of the people imprisoned in Russia are serving time for drug-related crimes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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