Jets Acquire WR Demaryius Thomas From The Patriots

One day after coach Adam Gase's public criticism of the team, the New York Jets traded for wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and changed kickers for the third time since training camp—a mini-shake-up that sends a message to the locker room.

The Jets acquired Thomas from the New England Patriots for a 2021 sixth-round pick. And while many think that the trade between the two bitter rivals was stunning—the fact that Thomas drops so many passes makes others think it was a brilliant move by the Pats.

What is stunning is that it was a first for Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who previously had executed a trade with every team except the Jets.

Obviously, Thomas became expendable after New England signed wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Really though, the way Belichick and offensive Coordinator run that offense, everyone not wearing the Number 12 is expendable.

Source: ESPN

Photo Credit: Getty Images