Ambulance Crew Attacked By Two Men They Were Taking To The Hospital

Two FDNY EMT's were beaten and pepper-sprayed by two men they had just transported to Mount Sinai West Hospital early Wednesday morning, according to an article published in the New York Daily News.

The attack happened after the two men seeking medical treatment got in an argument with the head nurse at Mount Sinai and then asked to be taken to another hospital via the ambulance. When the EMT's refused, the suspects began beating and pepper-spraying them.

Police arrested Andre Langston and Avanti Rhodes and charged them with felony assault. Rhodes was released without bail after being arraigned. Langston was held because he was a fugitive from justice in an unrelated crime.

Oren Barzily, president of Local 2507, the union that represents EMS workers said of the attack, "We're thankful the assaulted FDNY EMTs involved in this incident are with us today. This could have ended tragically."

"The city needs to do more for the men and women who serve and protect New York."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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