The Right Backpack For You Student Can Prevent Injuries

With school getting underway, that means kids being weighted down by backpacks.

You’ve done your back-to-school shopping, but did you get the right backpack? It’s important to make sure your child carries the right backpack the right way to reduce the risk of back injuries.

What’s the right way to wear them? Chaye Lamm-Warburg, an occupational therapist in Northern New Jersey, says children shouldn't carry more than 10-percent of their body weight and should wear both straps of the backpack to evenly distribute the weight.

She also says a backpack shouldn't be higher than shoulder level or more than two inches below the waist. Shoulder straps should also be well-padded and the chest or waist strap should be secured snugly.

Source: 24/7 News Source

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