LIRR Conductor Helps Return $9,000 To Passenger

A Long Island Rail Road conductor is being praised after working to return $9,000 to a passenger who left it behind.

Conductor Jerry Savino was alerted about a possible unattended bag left on a train to Hempstead last week. In the bag, he spotted a number of documents along with an envelope that included $9,000 in cash.

“When I read the label that said $9,000, I knew the owner would want me to take good care of it,” Savino said in a statement.

Savino turned the belongings over to MTA police who were able to identify the owner and return it to them.

“I am sure the customer who lost the money really needs it and I am glad our crew was able to give it back to him,” Savino said.

The money appeared to be business proceeds.When contacted, the owner gave a detailed description of the items that they left behind. They later picked it up at the Jamaica office.

“It was not only me; it was the entire crew who followed the procedure and went beyond it to help find the owner,” Savino said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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