Man Commutes To Work On His Jet Ski

For many of us, there is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic during our commute to work each day. Sitting in traffic or having to carpool is not a whole lot of fun. That's why a New Jersey man wanted to figure out a way to cut his commute time to Brooklyn, New York every morning. He figured it out alright.

Now instead of dealing with the stressful traffic or packed trains and buses, David Pike commutes from Jersey City, New Jersey to his job in Brooklyn by jet ski every day.

He's now cut the time of his original commute from 90 minutes to just 15 minutes and he couldn't be happier about it.

He talked about how brutal it was to have to coordinate with public transportation in New York and how he would just stare out the window of a bus looking at the harbor. That's when he got the brilliant idea of taking a jet ski to work.

So Pike went on eBay and bought a Sea-Doo jet ski, which he parks at the Brooklyn cruise terminal on a kayak dock when he goes to work. He continues to commute this way even in the wintertime. He says he bought himself a wetsuit for that time of year.

Source: GMA

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