NYC Will Increase Efforts To Remove Homeless From Subway

The NYPD and The Department Of Homeless Services announced to the media that they are expanding a group of programs that will help homeless people get off the subway and into government assisted living options.

As a way of further helping the homeless subway crowd, NYC is in the process of introducing a "Joint Crisis Coordination Center" which will give law enforcement and MTA officials a real-time video feed of subway stations so they can deploy personnel to assist ‘unsheltered" people and help them avoid the criminal justice system.

MTA spokesperson Max Young told the New York Daily News that the city's initiative was too little, too late, but also said they would gladly accept any help they could get to clean up the homeless issues plaguing the system.

Young went on to say, "Every New Yorker can see that the problem of homeless on the subway has exploded, and the MTA has requested the city assist with this problem numerous times."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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