Three Men Catch Massive 510 Pound Shark On Staten Island

Not sure if you ever wanted to come face to face with "Jaws", but three fishermen from Staten Island, New York did just that over the weekend.

The fishermen ended up doing battle with a massive thresher shark, weighing in at 510 pounds and measuring 94 inches in length on Sunday. The men are members of the Staten Island Fishing Club, have been catching sharks for the last three weeks and do this quite often, but said they never expected to reel in something as big as this. It took the men over three hours to reel the massive shark in while they took turns trying to battle the shark in a 23-foot boat.

The men had to constantly switch up working the reel, taking turns and pouring water on themselves as they battled the shark in the blazing sun. They eventually made it back to shore and found time for a few photos with the massive catch of the day.