Governor Cuomo Blows Floating Digital Billboards Out Of The Water

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has had enough of the floating digital billboards mucking up the beautiful New York waterways so he passed a bill restricting them from operating, anchoring, or mooring in the navigable waters of the state.

Cuomo, who was quoted in an article published in the New York Post said, "These floating billboards are a nuisance that blight our shores and distract from the great natural beauty of our waterways. This action will help make our waterways more enjoyable and safer for everyone."

Democratic Senator Brad Holman agreed with Cuomo saying, "Billboards belong in Times Square, not in the middle of the Hudson and East rivers. These floating billboards are a dangerous distraction to drivers, boaters, and pedestrians, not to mention an eyesore. New Yorkers deserve to have a respite on our waterfront from the barrage of modern life."

Anyone caught violating the new law will be fined $1,000 for the first offense and $5,000 for any following infractions.

Photo Credit: Getty Images