Man’s First Date Asks Him To Enable “Read Receipts,” Internet Goes Nuts

It isn’t always easy to know whether someone you met on a first date is perfect, okay, or even actually sane, but one man found out pretty quickly thanks to a simple text exchange.

A 33-year-old New Yorker named Eric Dimitratos recently shared a text exchange he had with a man after their first date. In a screengrab posted to Twitter the guy actually asks Eric to turn on the “read receipt” function on his texts and even gives him instructions on how to do it, this way he’ll know exactly when Eric has read any of his messages. He captioned the tweet, “Goes on first date, scared he'll ghost but instead gets this test.”

As you can imagine, folks on the Internet were shocked by this dude’s controlling behavior, with the tweet landing 1,200 retweets, over 14,500 likes, and 943 comments in 24 hours.

And most of the comments suggested Eric get away from this dude fast. “This is the part of the crime documentary where the steely narrator intones something very ominous, and we cut to commercial,” one person wrote, while another added, “You thought you were in a ghost story and instead it was true crime.”

Source: Daily Mail