Veteran Firefighter Dies of A Heart Attack After 24-Hour Shift

The FDNY is mourning the loss of Lieutenant Brian Sullivan of Squad Company 41 after the 27-year veteran died of a heart attack in his Orange County home.

Officials with the FDNY told the New York Daily News that Sullivan had gone home after a 24-hour shift that saw him respond to six medical emergencies and a house fire. His colleges said Sullivan was complaining of chest pains while he was fighting a kitchen fire but insisted on finishing his shift.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said, "This is a tragic loss for the Fire Department and the city of New York. Brian Sullivan was a dedicated firefighter who put himself in harm's way for 27 years to protect the lives of others."

Even though Sullivan suffered the heart attack at home his death is considered a line of duty death because he continued to work after reporting chest pains.

Photo Credit: Getty Images