Flight Attendants Share Their Carry-On Packing Hacks

There’s an art to packing a suitcase, and when you know how to do it things are a lot less stressful when you’re prepping for the trip. Rather than stuffing it, sitting on it, and hoping your zippers don’t ripped, it might be worth taking a moment and heeding the advice of the pros. Flight attendants have it down to a science, and they’ve shared some of their best packing hacks. Take notes, people.

  • Shoes take up the most space. Limit the number and pack around them.
  • Then, fold your jeans like normal and then roll them and put them on top of the shoes.
  • Follow that up with the shirts and do your socks and undies last.
  • Compression bags work wonders by taking the air out and making things flatter. You may need to take advantage of the hotel iron, though.
  • Bring a portable pharmacy pack with headache and pain relief, Dramamine, sinus meds, or whatever else you might need. It can prevent mishaps on long trips.
  • Embrace the basics and bring less stuff.
  • If it won’t fit in the bag…wear it.
  • Always bring a swimsuit…they’re small and you just never know.