States & Cities With The Cleanest Hotel

We’ve all heard horror stories about how hotels really aren’t as clean as we expect, but it seems there are some hotels that go above and beyond when it comes to cleanliness, and now they are being recognized.

In case you missed it, AAA recently came out with their first-ever Inspector’s Best Of Housekeeping award, which recognizes AAA Inspected & Approved hotels that receive the highest possible cleanliness and condition score. To qualify all areas of a property must reflect a very high standard, and are reviewed for evidence of dirt, dust, pests, equipment performance and more.

Although the total amount of hotels to receive these honors changes throughout the year, AAA did call out the cities and states that have the most hotels making the grade. Overall, California is the state with the most hotels with Inspectors Housekeeping awards, with 982, followed by Florida with 485. As for specific cities, New York city has the most with 161, followed by Houston, Texas, with 90.

States With The Cleanest Hotels, According to AAA

  1. California (982)
  2. Florida (485)
  3. Texas (468)
  4. North Carolina (458)
  5. New York (406)
  6. Virginia (328)
  7. Pennsylvania (281)
  8. Tennessee (268)
  9. Maryland (238)
  10. Massachusetts (215)

Source: AAA

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